Sunday, 10 August 2014

Mongolian magic!

An African sky at night is one of those experiences you will never forget. The only thing that can make it better (if that is possible) is a Bush Dinner under the stars.

This week at Bili we had the Cave family and as a surprise the Bili team decided to do just that. The Bushcamp Chefs are professionals in the art of the Mongolian - a choice of fresh seasonal veggies - 

carrots, eggplant, peppers, courgettes, green cabbage, baby corn, spinach the choices are endless for what you can include and the best bit, you choose only your favourites. No being forced brussel sprouts because its Christmas! .... or is that just me?!? Next a choice of chicken, pork, beef or for the carnivores amongst you why not pile on all three. Sauces - soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, homemade ginger oil, garlic oil, chilli oil, you are now the chef mixing flavours the way you want them. And finally the whole concoction is finished off with some egg noodles or rice, perhaps go for noodles on your first go and rice for seconds! Because there is always room for seconds at a Mongolian! Then the team cooks it up on a big wok over an open fire.

But on a serious note this is also a great meal for veggies, vegans and gluten frees. No fussing around making alternatives. Just go mad with the ingredients that suit you. Anyone with a Braii and a wok can successfully lay on a Mongolian, and it is such a sociable way to eat. I've seen men who never cook turn into Gordon Ramsey's (luckily with less expletives), much to their other halves amazement!

So lets watch Francesca, Zanny and James take us through how you do a Mongolian. 

As explained above the first things to go in your bowl are the veggies. 

Next are the meats and on top of these put your chosen sauces. 

The designated chef will then take your bowl and with a good glug of oil to the heated wok, they will begin to first fry off your meats. 

When these are nice and brown, the rest of the veggies go in on top. Once tender your choice of noodles or rice are added. It is probably a good idea to pre cook these last two ingredients because then it takes two seconds to combine your Mongolian goodies and dinner is served!

Isaac and Dixon at the helm of the Braii say don't be afraid to keep the wok moving. Use a holey spoon to keep turning over your ingredients, this prevents any of them sticking. 

We had some very interested hyenas keeping a close eye on any leftovers, but in true Mongolian style these were hard to come by!

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